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Why Doesn’t Everybody Do What We Do?


Another question we often get is…

“Why Doesn’t Everybody Do What We Do?”

I’d say that the world is a distribution. You’ve got people that are average, you’ve got people below average, and you’ve got people above average. A lot of the people in the world are average, most of them are, and they’re happy being there. I come from Fortune 100 companies where my whole focus there was to make us the best company in our industry. That’s what I really thrive on doing, and I brought that to our company. I brought a world-class focus on process improvement and quality improvement to a small town company—a company that has great values—that really develops relationships with their customers and develops that intimacy to understand each customer uniquely, what they need and deliver value that really is significant to that individual customer.

My competitors, they’re good at what they do. They’re average, but being average means that you are the best of the worst and the worst of the best. Our whole focus at R&S is to be the best of the best. One of the other things that differentiates us is through our focus on you. You become our advertising agency. I have competitors that are spending more on advertising than I actually do in sales. But what I want to do is I want you to be so happy with me that you advertise me to your neighbor and to your neighbor’s neighbor.

Because I can make that sale without all that additional cost of advertising, I can keep my cost lower to them than my competitors can. That shows better value to everybody in this entire chain.

The best value, the lowest prices, the highest quality… everybody wins!

That’s R&S HVAC.


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