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What Kind of Furnace Maintenance Do I Need?


Another question we often get from customers is…

“What Kind of Furnace Maintenance Do I Need and When Do I Need it?”

Well, as a homeowner the most important thing that you can do is take care of the filter. That’s going to prolong the life of your furnace and make sure that you’re getting air flow everywhere that you need to. Depending on the size of the filter itself, the small 1 inch filters, those need to be checked every month. They may last a little bit longer depending on conditions, but those plug a lot faster than the higher efficiency ones. If you go with the 5 inch filter, many times those will last 6 months to a year depending on application. The big difference between a high efficiency and a low efficiency filter is really how much debris they can trap before they start to plug, and you don’t want to have a plugged furnace filter.

As a homeowner the other thing that you really need to look for would be, “Is my drain hose actually draining to the drain? Or am I seeing water build up around the furnace, or is there any rusting happening?”

Furnace Maintenance

The other types of service that your furnace is going to need, needs to be done by a licensed professional. Whether you have us or somebody else come in, the things you really want to make sure that they do are, first, checking the burners, making sure that the burners are burning correctly so that you’re getting high efficiency of all that gas you’re paying for. Secondly, they’re getting any of the rust and scale built up vacuumed out of there so that your burner area is clean. And really important from a safety perspective is that you don’t have any cracking of that heat exchanger, which could allow carbon monoxide gas to escape and get into the living space.

There are a number of other furnace maintenance items that need to be checked such as the blower speed, and making sure that your ignitors and all of your electronics are working correctly. These things need to be checked by a licensed professional.

Furnace Maintenance: Be Sure Your Furnace is Operating Properly and Efficiently at All Times. Get a Professional Maintenance Check for Your HVAC System Twice a Year.


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