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Testimonials & Reviews

Here is a sample of what our customers think about our work. Feel free to send us your own story. We love to hear from our customers.

“I want to tell you how much I like our new furnace and maybe even more, the auto changeover thermostat. During these days of cyclic temperatures my house is always comfortable. I do not have to fool with the thermostat at all. For the past 26 years during the spring and fall seasons I always had to switch the thermostat back and forth between heat and AC. Now, no matter what the temp is outside, the house is always comfortable. I no longer come home to a hot or cold house and have to manually switch the thermostat between heat and AC, I love it!

“The furnace is so awesome. I love the variable fan speed control and it is so quiet. It really stabilizes the temperature in the house. When you described how the variable speed control worked and how it stabilized the ambient temperature, I was somewhat skeptical at first. After thinking about it, it made sense to me and is why I decided to go with this furnace. I have had this furnace now for eight months. I can’t compare my gas bill to last winter because of the mild winter we had in 2015/2016 but I can tell this furnace is much more efficient. With the old furnace I had to set the thermostat to 74 in the winter to maintain comfort level but it was still often cool in the house. When the new furnace was installed I set the thermostat to 72 degrees and have not changed it. Even with negative temperatures outside, the house is always comfortable.

“I’m so glad I followed your advice on buying the model I have. Thank you.”
-Jim P.

“First I would like to thank Mike Peterson for his help and expertise in aiding me in making my furnace and A/C decision. Secondly I would like to thank Rick and Troy for doing a great job installing the furnace and A/C. When I was researching furnaces and A/Cs three things were consistently stated: 1) Rheem was the most reliable brand; they had the lowest incidence of needed repair, 2) Rheem Prestige Series 90+ Gas Furnace RGFD Series was a Consumer Digest Best Buy. (This is the model I purchased), and 3) The quality of the installation was of paramount importance in ensuring the proper efficiency and durability of the unit purchased. Thank you R & S HVAC!”
-Jon M.

“We would like to begin by saying it’s great to work with a company that truly knows it’s business. We replaced the entire HVAC system in our home and contacted mulitple contractors for the best resolution to the heating and AC issues we were having. Some parts of our home were never warm in winter and that resulted in additional heaters, in the summer the AC couldn’t keep temp due to the location of our home and multiple windows that faced the west. John came to the house and was able to diagnose the problem and had a solution to problems, along with pricing and a time line for the installation. All this was done in a single visit. After very professional installation and an excellent staff of installers we now have a very cozy and warm home. We were also able to use the AC just before it turned cold and the house cooled extremely well. Thanks so much for all you did for us, it was great working with R&S HVAV and your staff.”
-Steve and Jennifer R.

“R&S HVAC, thank you to your servicemen who responded to our call Monday morning. We had an accident at our residence which required immediate attention and your servicemen reported to our home promptly and with the utmost professionalism. They were efficient and hardworking. We appreciate all they did. Thanks again for you assistance at our home.”
-Steve and Wendy S.

“This 88 year old woman is grateful for the fine job you did putting in my new furnace and air conditioner. The next day was very hot but I was comfortable. The house was clean and the crew was efficient and kind to this very old woman.”
-Flora L.

“The city inspector come and passed everything. She said she’ll mail us the permit. Thanks for your good work and terrific customer service!”
-Helen S.

“Thank you so much for the great service. Michelle said the man that came here was very professional and explained everything to her. Thank you again.”
-Joan S. and Michelle T.

“R&S HVAC, Thank you so much for your service! As usual, your technicians were courteous and did a great job. Everything is working great.”
-Karen R.

“Thanks for the great service! I will recommend you to everyone! Thanks!”
-Jim R.

“Thanks for the great service. It was a pleasure working with you.”
-Travis T.

“Thanks for the installation. Mike Peterson was great to work with!”
-Ken W.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys are the best!”
-Emily and Aaron S.

“I want to acknowledge the excellent job you did in repairing my AC system this past August. From my very first contact with your office, I was patiently given simple answers about the possible causes of my AC breakdown and the approximate cost to repair. I was on board immediately with your recommendation to perform a leak test and eliminate potentially expensive trial and error. Knowing beforehand the potential repair cost allows to make a better decision and eliminate surprises. Bill performed the leak test and showed me exactly where the A coil failed and why it was beyond repair. He selected the right coil replacement which is providing excellent temperature and humidity control. We are even noticing a significant reduction in our electricity bill. And the repair bill was right within the estimate, detailed and no surprise and reasonable pricing. I provided your business cards to neighbors, family and friends and even emailed your website link to others. There are many HVAC companies that can lean a lot from R & S HVAC on how to treat their customers. Thank you.”
-Anibal L.

“Thank you so much for your prompt help when our air conditioner went out. Due to health problems, I really needed it, and you were out here, and we are very pleased. You have a really good repairman, we are thankful for everything.”
-Ed and Julie M.

“To everyone at R&S, just a note of thanks for all your hard work on getting our air conditioner back up and running. I know it was a frustrating process but I appreciate your effort and desire to get the job done.”
-Jim and Sharmon K.

“Mike, Brad, and Troy – our experience with you guys was very positive. We’re looking forward to a continuing relationship through your maintenance program. Thank you.”
-Brian C.

“We really appreciate your timely service and how good the service man was. He was very polite and helpful. Thanks so much for your help!”
-Jean S.

“Thank you for your timely response to my request! I am thrilled! I will recommend you every chance I get. God bless you all!”
-Stephanie B.

“Thank you! We were very pleased with your services from start to finish!”
-Tricia M.

“Thank you for all the years of great service!”
-Liz J.

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