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Residential HVAC Services

R&S HVAC offers a complete line of services to meet your residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. Including replacement, repair and maintenance of furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers and water heaters. We specialize in making your home fresher, cleaner and more comfortable.

R&S HVAC Residential Services

Furnaces & Boilers

Having a furnace or boiler system that is running efficiently makes good sense. Our service customers realize reduced energy consumption, a higher level of safety and measurable money savings. If your furnace or boiler has given up or is not running up to standards, making an investment in new equipment can be the best choice. We will help you understand the payback of a new furnace or boiler investment. Remember that the higher the efficiency rating, the higher the cost savings. Choosing a 95% efficient, 2-stage equipment installed by R&S HVAC will pay off generously.

Air Conditioning

Like your heating system, if you’re running inefficient cooling systems, your cooling costs can be astronomical. If your AC’s on the fritz, save yourself some long, hot, and humid nights, and replace your system with an R&S HVAC-backed air conditioning unit. Not only are new, hybrid systems up to 20 SEER, but R&S HVAC also provides a 10-year warranty on parts and labor for every residential ducted system they install.

High-Efficiency Water-Heating

Sometimes our families use large amounts of hot water; every shower, every load of laundry, and every load of dishes that are done use hot water. If your home is not using a high-efficiency water heater your dollars are literally going down the drain.

R&S HVAC can install a new water-heater that will save you money & ensure that you will have NO MORE COLD SHOWERS!!


R&S HVAC Quality Policy

“We will be better tomorrow than we are today.”
We constantly improve. We strive for ZERO defects in all we do, and ALWAYS keep our promises. We do not cut corners. We are committed to providing an HVAC system that will not just meet, but that will exceed our customer’s expectations regarding value and quality.


At R & S HVAC, we only work with quality vendors to provide the best products and services for you and your home or business.

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